Citrus and sunshine are one and the same. Purity, vitality, and health burst from just one splash.

Many of us associate citrus with summertime dream destinations. Oranges from Brazil, Florida, or Spain and lemons from Italy, California, or Argentina evoke equally pleasant thoughts. Despite their prominence in the Western hemisphere, citrus actually comes from the Far East. This is where citrus started its tremendously successful journey around the world. Centuries later, it is now the preferred key ingredient in so many of our everyday products. Discover the mystery of citrus and explore the secrets of what makes it so unique, precious, and a global favorite.

A Sustainable Source

If you want to understand the taste and smell of today’s diverse citrus-flavored or citrus-scented products, then you should go to the source: the fruits on the trees in gardens and plantations, and to the farmers who grow them. While citrus production has become largely industrialized, especially in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and China, it still involves thousands of small farmers along the value chain in all parts of the world. Directly and indirectly, millions of people want and need to make a living out of citrus. We can ensure they get their fair share through our commitment to sustainable sourcing.

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Creativity & Innovation

Citrus’ freshness and versatility have made it a popular raw material in the food and fragrance industry. The future of citrus-based scents and tastes remains natural, yet it may involve more than just citrus. Symrise is also pioneering the development of citrus aromas from other natural sources. Extracting and isolating a particular scent or taste requires fully understanding what makes it such a precious, unique, and sought-after fruit. We have achieved this by investing in new technologies and providing a creative platform. Merging both of these factors has led to manufacturing solutions that expand the world of citrus in all dimensions to meet our customers’ needs.

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A Global Favorite

Citrus is everywhere. This unique, timeless, versatile fruit fits into our daily lives and shapes a variety of products that we all know and love. As you go about your day, you most likely eat, drink, or smell something citrus. Beverages, foods, household cleaners, and perfumes—all of them contain citrus. Some are obvious, like a glass of orange juice in the morning. Others might take you by surprise. No other fruit that is so closely associated with freshness has ever been so popular. Discover the many facets of citrus and what makes these juicy fruits the secret stars among all fruits.

Versatile Citrus